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Stunning Grid, Tiled and Dropped Ceilings

A well-built, well-designed house or office lasts a long time and earns endless praise. At AJ Ceilings, we help you do just that. When it comes to choosing a well-reputed name for the right ceilings, then look no further. We have been known in the Melbourne industry for 19 years with our quality products, reliable installation and ethical business practice.  AJ Ceilings makes sure all our promises are met in each project. 

Grid ceilings

Grid Ceilings are ideal if you want a spacious, well-lit and open ambience. AJ Ceilings will help you choose among five different grid-ceiling models for your space. We have a range of modular cell sizes and colours to choose from.

Grid ceilings create a visual screen, which enables us to set the proportion and scale of your room. This does not mean we have to compromise on the actual ceiling height. This design is a perfect fusion of aesthetics and function. 

Tiled ceilings

If you are looking to install a tile ceiling in one of your rooms, then AJ Ceilings has the perfect range of Metal Clip-In, Metal Hook-On and Metal Lay-in design options to choose from. They come in aluminium and galvalume tile sizes with different perforation patterns, which will enable you to create a monolithic, or grid pattern. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you immaculate results.

Soundproofing solutions via factory-fitted and non-woven ceiling material can also be arranged for a more versatile result.

Dropped ceilings

Dropped Ceilings come in a variety of design options. The design may be pertaining to the suspension angle, concealment or exposure of the ceiling system or with the choice of grid tiles used. At AJ Ceilings, we have multiple degree angle options and their plaster stopping and casing beads. Furring channels for concealed grid system and the highest quality form and function of exposed system are available for you to choose from. When talking about aesthetics and thermal or acoustic insulation, we offer multiple options like Armstrong grid, Rondo grid, Aluminium grid, Acoustic grid or Plaster grid. Consult one of our representatives for a more thorough understanding of each style and type. 

Drop Ceiling in Dandenong and Sunshine

Drop ceilings are characteristically related to industrialised edifices, or significant city houses. There are nevertheless, drop ceiling finishes that are suitable for households. Our drop ceiling clients in Dandenong and Sunshine have the benefit of being easily sustained and mended, and allow a boundless amount of liberty to reorganise illumination.